Building Trust and Connection in Your Relationship

Trust holds couples together – especially when they face life’s challenges. Without trust, couples can have difficulty making it through the ups and downs and being able to build a life together. Without trust, small problems can turn into major crises and/or arguments. Trust connects people intimately and without it, partners have doubts about each other that cam often undermine the relationship. Oftentimes, a lack of trust is at the root of most conflicts.

Have you ever said/thought any of the following?

  • Can I trust you not to bring up the past?
  • Can I trust you to be there for me when I’m upset?
  • Can I trust you with our children?
  • Can I trust to you choose me over your friends?
  • Can I trust you to stay sober?
  • Can I trust you with my worries?
  • Can I trust you to not cheat on me?
  • Can I trust you to pull your weight around the house?
  • Can I trust you not to criticise me?

Couples who trust each other have security and oftentimes feel closer to one another. Contact HopeWell Psychological at 780-298-9401, email us at, or click on the contact form so we can help you and your partner work together to build trust, security, and connection.


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