Dating Therapy – Leduc and St. Albert

Are you making dating mistakes that may be getting in the way of you finding/keeping the “right partner?” If you have experienced any of the following, you may benefit from therapy:

    • Game playing: This strategy is typically used to protect yourself from being hurt. Not getting too close may make you feel safe, but it often sends the message to the other person that you are unavailable, and in turn, it may turn the other person off.
    • Thinking about and planning your future together: When you catch yourself doing this, you are likely experiencing the effects of the “happy chemical/hormone” oxytocin. It creates the sense of well-being and euphoria that comes with “falling in love” and is likely interfering with your ability to think clearly.
    • Talking too much about your ex: While this information is often shared to some extent, it may turn off the other person if it is discussed too often or in a lot of detail, during the initial phase of a relationship.
    • Worrying: People can worry and become anxious when worrying about what the other person said and what they meant by it, worrying about your own reactions, worrying about the relationship not working out, etc.
    • Not being honest about your needs/wants in a relationship: Pretending everything is alright and ignoring your own needs can work for only so long before people feel disengaged or undervalued.
    • Looking for the perfect mate: Perfection may be impossible but compatibility is something to strive for. This takes the pressure off and allow us to find a really good partner.
    • Ignoring red flags: If someone repeatedly does not show up or call when he/she promised he/she would, it is possible that this may be a red flag.
    • Avoidance of intimacy: Avoidance of intimacy results when one is afraid of getting hurt/rejected or when someone feels a lot of pressure in relationships, because he/she feels that he/she will be unable to meet the other person’s expectations.
    • Sacrificing too much for the other person, just to get their attention: Are you constantly bending over backwards for the other person when you would not otherwise do this for others?

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