Infidelity Therapy for Couples – St. Albert and Leduc

Infidelity causes intense emotional pain for both partners, but an affair does not have to mean that it is the end of your marriage.

Infidelity can cause much heartache and devastation because it undermines the secure foundation of marriage itself. Divorce may not be the step that you wish to take after infidelity. It is possible to heal and rebuild the relationship, whereby the couple’s relationship ends up stronger and more honest than ever before.

Infidelity is not a single, clearly defined situation. What is considered infidelity varies among couples and even between partners in a relationship. Many factors can contribute to infidelity, such as low self-esteem, discontent with the marriage, addiction to sex/love/romance.

Generally, a person who is having an affair:

  • Experiences a strong sexual attraction to someone other than his or her partner
  • Keeps the relationship a secret, often resorting to lies and deception
  • Feels a stronger emotional connection to the person with whom he or she is having an affair than to his or her partner

The initial discovery of an affair can trigger a range of powerful emotions for both partners — shock, rage, shame, depression, guilt, remorse, etc. These emotions may cycle through many times, and at times you may feel that you want to end the relationship while at other times, you may want desperately to save the relationship.

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