Blended Family Issues – Leduc and St. Albert Therapy

Blending a family can be tricky and stressful for everyone involved. This transition is likely to be difficult and family members often feel tugged in separate directions during family conflicts. The question of “whose side are you on anyway?” tends to be at the forefront for many individuals and families.

Children may feel that their parent is replacing their other parent and may resist and be hurt when the new partner “tries to parent them.” Children may say things like, “you’re not my dad/mom.” Children may also have difficulty getting along with their step-siblings.

Partners may feel unprepared to parent their partner’s children or they may feel that they do not want to offend anyone. They may also feel unwanted or feel that their attempts to parent may be unwelcome.

Feelings that family members may feel are sadness, hurt, rejection, frustration, and anger.

You may have also asked the following questions:

  • How do I fit in this family?
  • Which side of the problem do I choose?
  • How do I make everyone happy?
  • Why can’t we all get along?
  • How do we become a happy and functioning family?

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