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Some relationships end suddenly and others seem to fall apart over a long period of time. A separation/divorce/breakup can interfere with your daily routine and impact your desire to function. It may negatively impact your work/school, social life, and family life and you may feel a sense of failure for the lost plans and dreams that you used to have together.

Experiencing a separation/divorce/breakup may trigger a mixture of the following emotions:

  • Loneliness – “Will I be able to make it without him/her.”
  • Confusion – “What went wrong?”
  • Rejection – “Can anyone love me?”
  • Sadness/Hurt – “Why me?”
  • Ambivalence – “I am glad it’s over, but I miss her/him.”
  • Guilt – “If only I had …”
  • Anxiety/Fear – “What will happen now?”
  • Shame – “I’m a failure.”
  • Anger – “I don’t deserve this.”
  • Betrayal – “How could he/she do this?”
  • lsolation – “Now I have no one.”
  • Loss – “I can’t believe he/she is gone.”
  • Relief – “Maybe it’s for the best.”
  • Depression – “How will I rebuild my life?”
  • “Numb” (lack of feeling)

Following a separation/divorce/break-up, you may also be experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty eating
  • An overall loss of energy
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • A sense of emptiness
  • An inability to deal with ordinary tasks
  • Loss of focus and concentration

How you choose to handle a separation is very important because it may impact the rest of your life and impact your children’s lives (if you have any).

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