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What are boundaries? These are limitations on ways that you allow others to interact with you. Some individuals have difficulty setting personal boundaries, which can become a significant source of tension in their lives.

Our boundaries determine what we will and will not accept in life. These boundaries can be learned from a variety of influences, such as from family and friends. Ultimately, we all must decide what boundaries we would like to have in our personal and work lives. Many people have difficulties with boundary setting; individuals who come from dysfunctional families often have difficulty with boundary setting, which can lead to unfulfilling relationships later in life.

Signs that you may be in a relationship with unhealthy boundaries include:

  • relying on your partner to determine your level of happiness
  • feeling like you have no personal time away from your partner
  • requiring drugs or alcohol to create a false sense of intimacy
  • excessive jealousy, lack of commitment or manipulation
  • being unable to express your true needs and desires
  • blaming your partner for their unique differences or feeling blamed for yours

If any of these symptoms feel familiar to you, it may be time to seek counseling. The supportive counsellors at HopeWell Psychological can guide you through the process of personal boundary-setting. Implementing personal boundaries is a crucial step in leading a happy life.

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