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How to Spruce up your Romantic Relationship!

You may be wondering what to do to maintain your connection with your partner. Lets face it, life can get busy with work, children, and so many other things that demand your time and attention. But, a relationship can suffer if we do not take time to attend to it. Relationship therapists often suggest a few simple tricks to maintain your connection:

1. Make sure to give your partner a 6 second kiss when you part. Take the time to lose yourself in your partner’s embrace by noticing their smell, touch, and warmth. Try to push everything else out of your thoughts.

2. Take 10 minutes at the end of each day (or whenever possible during the day) for each partner to share one interesting thing that happened during their day. Take this time to just listen from your partner’s perspective and show your support. Be curious and ask questions but do not be quick to give advice or persuade.

3. Find the time every day to genuinely communicate affection, share compliments, and give appreciation towards your partner.

4. Ensure you resolve conflict when you are both in a reasonably good mood, don’t try to resolve any major issues when you are hungry, tired or too stressed out by other factors beyond your relationship.

5. Make sure to show physical affection – kiss, hold, and caress each other. Play is good, so feel free to tickle, joke around; not everything has to always be serious.

6. Have a date night once per week, if possible. Leave the children at home with a trusted family membr or baby-sitter so that you can enjoy eachother and not worry. Ensure to select a date where you and your partner can talk to one another, such as a dinner date. While on the date, have a meaningful conversation and discuss topics such as mutual life goals and future plans.

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