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Dealing with fertility-related problems can be extremely distressing for couples and families. When there are barriers to conception, people may experience various emotions, such as anxiety, anger, hopelessness, depression, fear, guilt, shame, and despair.

The stress of infertility may also impact the emotional and sexual intimacy in relationships. Partners may become emotionally disconnected, which often worsens their felt sense of loneliness, isolation, and helplessness; these are often the emotions that they are likely already feeling as a result of dealing with the fertility issue.

In order to work toward healing, it is important for couples to reconnect emotionally, which often helps to counteract feelings of isolation and loneliness, leads to each partner turning toward the other for support, and restores a sense of calm and comfort in each partner’s lives. Couples become a stronger team in facing fertility challenges and work toward relying on one another for comfort and security.

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