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Provisional Psychologist and Master’s Practicum Positions

We are looking for Full-time and Part-time Provisional Psychologists and Intern Students, for our Leduc Location. The positions start immediately. Interns will be supervised by the Clinical Director and although supervision is not provided for Provisional Psychologists, you will have access to informal consultation with other clinicians and the Clinical director will give you consent to discuss client cases with your supervisor. Moreover, you will be able to attend meeting with the Clinical Team, who meet monthly to discuss client cases and ethical dilemmas as a group, thus facilitating collaboration and collective learning of the entire team. You will also have access to the Clinical Director for questions about clients.

Interested applicants are encouraged to email their resume, CV, and other information to Lana Bryanton at [email protected]

Please send us your:

  • Listing all Counselling or related work experiences.
  • Listing all Counseling books you read in the past 1 year and brief summary of its content.
  • Listing all Counselling workshops you attended and any books read, within the last year. Please include a very brief summary of the content.
Cover letter
  • Describing the types of clients and issues you have experience treating and the treatment/methods/models you used when treating them.
  • Outlining your counselling interests (what types of issues and clients you want to work with?).
  • Describing why you want to work for HopeWell.
  • Describing how your skills and knowledge can contribute to the HopeWell team.
  • Describing any published or developed works.
Checks & Liability Insurance
  • Able to provide a clean criminal records check before or at the time of the interview.
  • Able to provide a clean child welfare check before or at the time of the interview.
  • Must have 2 Million dollar Liability Insurance.
  • Provide a list of all coursework and grades completed thus far.
  • Provide a list of all courses that have not been completed thus far, if any.
A successful candidate is someone who:
  • Can create and maintain therapeutic alliance with clients and colleagues.
  • Works from a CBT, Client-Centered and Attachment perspectives, helping clients become mindful of and changing their thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and actions.
  • Has EMDR training or is willing to take the training within 3-6 months of being hired.
  • If wanting to work with couples and/or families, must have or be willing to train in Emotionally Focused therapy within 3-6 months of being hired and is willing to continue learning the model and engage in peer-consultations.
  • Has some knowledge and experience in Mindfulness and Ego State Therapies (an asset and not required).
  • Is willing to work with clients of all ages who are experiencing a variety of issues including trauma, complex grief, anger, anxiety, depression, chronic pain etc. Some training will be provided.
  • Is willing to do online counselling.
  • Is willing to participate in monthly consultation meetings and some volunteer work.
  • Has a life-long plan to learn and is willing to participate in creating and presenting various topics of interest to colleagues.
  • Is available to work a variety of hours, including on evenings and on weekends.
  • Is collegial and willing to learn.
  • Must be computer literate as we use electronic medical records. Therapists have the capability to login remotely in order to do their paperwork when working in an online video setting. Training is provided and the software is fairly easy to use.
Reference List Contact Information
  • Provide a list of 3 professional references (teachers, boses, or case managers) who saw your work first-hand and who can speak to your ability to form relationships, manage interpersonal conflict, ensure confidentiality, and apply ethical practices in your workplace. Include people who can comment on your ability to manage your time and to work diligently.
  • If you cannot provide 3 references, please state reason and provide up to 1 reference from a co-worker.
  • We provide well-trained support staff that book your appointments and bill your clients.
  • You are able to engage in online counselling, which enables you to work from home and live anywhere in Alberta.
  • We have digital calendars that are able to sync with your phone to give you current bookings that are in your calendar.
  • We send you an automatic email with your schedule for the next day.
  • Our system has email and text reminders to ensure clients show up to appointments.
  • We provide you with monthly trainings and provide you with an opportunity to teach other therapists.
  • We provide you with a peer-consultation group where you can consult on client cases and ethical issues. The Clinical Director is an Oral Panel Examiner for the College of Alberta Psychologist who can review ethical guidelines and common ethical issues.
  • We offer flexible hours.
  • We will market so that you can work with the types of clients and issues that appeal to you.

Thanks for your interest in working for HopeWell.

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