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What do people ask their therapists in the first session?

DWQA QuestionsWhat do people ask their therapists in the first session?
Lana Bryanton asked 11 months ago
1 Answers
Lana Bryanton answered 11 months ago

There are many questions that clients ask their therapists. Three of the most common questions asked and the answers to these questions are below:

What is the treatment modality that we are using? The treatment modality should be explained to you in the first session and if you had questions, you would be able to ask your therapist at any time. Oftentimes, the therapist will refer you to our website or will email you some information about the therapeutic method that the therapist believes will be best suited to help you accomplish your therapy goals.

How long does therapy take? This really depends on the therapeutic approach that you select, what you hope to accomplish in therapy, and how well you are already coping with the situation.

Should I select a short-term approach or a longer-term approach? This again depends on what you hope to accomplish. As you can imagine, people often seek help after months or years of struggling. If you really want to have a different life, it will take some time to achieve this and doing so requires an investment in yourself both in time and money. People often report this type of investment is rewarding in the long run because it leads them to experience changes in the long-term. On the other hand, sometimes people do not have the money or time to invest in themselves. This is where a short-term approach can be useful. What you can expect to accomplish in a short term approach is to increase your coping and management of the current situation that caused you to come into therapy, in the first place.

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