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Building Stronger Communities. We respond to the needs of our communities and offer specialized psychological services in an online therapy format for individuals/couples/families who are unable to travel.

TelePsychology Sessions

Many people are increasingly using the internet for online counselling. If you are interested in TelePsychology sessions, read the following information.

Technological Requirements for Clients using Online-Counselling

For a Tele-Counselling session, you will need a computer with broadband Internet access, a webcam, microphone, and our program. We will send you an invitation to the online session and you will need to set up your user account.

Advantages of Online-Counselling

  • Research suggests that it tends to be equally effective as in-person therapy.
  • Time-effective (no need to take time off work or travel anywhere).
  • Cost-effective (no travel costs, no parking fees, no child-care costs).
  • You may be more comfortable speaking about your problems with someone who is not in the same room as you.
  • Provides service to those living in remote areas.

Disadvantages of Online-Counselling

  • The client may not be familiar with online communication and may be uncomfortable with using online technologies.
  • The therapist may not easily see or hear you. You will need to let your therapist see you body language and you may need to repeat yourself.
  • Online counselling is not appropriate for all issues/problems.
  • Although we do our best to protect your confidentiality, it cannot be guaranteed as data may be intercepted when online.
  • Online counselling is relatively new and standards are still being developed.
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