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Productivity. In addition to providing therapy to individuals, couples, and families, we also work with groups such as Professionals and Businesses to help these groups achieve wellness and increased productivity and functioning. We are always open to building new relationships with Professionals and Businesses and are happy to provide you with various services, depending on your needs.

About Us

HopeWell Psychological Inc. was named after Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, Canada. These rocks are also referred to as the Flowerpot Rocks because of their unusually-shaped rock formations that were formed from tidal erosion and are 40 to 70 feet tall. Lana and her spouse visited Hopewell Rocks a few years ago and found the rocks to be a breath-taking wonder. In turn, they were both inspired to use this name for Lana’s psychological practice. The rocks represent resilience, hope, and strength, all of which Lana believes are at the core and foundation of each and every person.

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