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Accountability. We give you accurate information, address your questions about psychology, and provide you with prompt service.

Our Purpose

At HopeWell Psychological we aim to provide an environment that offers safety, encouragement, hope, and to facilitate opportunities for insight, healing, growth, and change. We provide professional support and responsible caring for our clients throughout the entire HopeWell experience. Our therapists use collaborative and eclectic therapeutic approaches that are personalized to your unique needs. HopeWell staff are ethical and knowledgeable because we want to ensure that you have a positive and courteous experience in your interactions with us. We are transparent about the HopeWell process and feel that it is important to provide you with accurate and timely information about our services and methods so that we empower you to make informed decisions about your health. Empowering people to take charge has also led us to offer you multiple options on how you can communicate with us and how you can book your appointments. HopeWell Psychological aims to communicate in a timely fashion with our clients and the people/organizations that we serve and are connected with – we return emails and phone calls on the same business day or if they were made after hours, we connect with you the next business day morning. Hopewell Psychological also prides itself on continually enhancing and improving our services, which is why we ask you for feedback and work hard to find ways to implement your feedback.

At HopeWell Psychological, we make it a priority to provide you with a seamless process when obtaining services, from the beginning to end – from the time that you first hear about us or search us online, when you have questions about our services or our clinicians, while you are booking or attending your appointment, and all the way through to the after-session care and follow-up period. When you need therapy our psychologists can provide the needed support and guidance in person or online and will try to accommodate your schedule and to fit your needs. Our specialty is to support men, women, adolescents, children, couples and families as you work toward overall health and wellness.

Our Mission

HopeWell Psychological provides a professional, supportive, person-focused, and ethical setting in which we accept, understand, and respect our clients, our staff, our professional and corporate connections, and the communities in which we live and work in.

Our Mission for HopeWell Clients

HopeWell exists because Lana Bryanton had a vision of offering people scientifically proven and effective psychological treatments. She wanted to help people attain long-lasting emotional and mental health rather than offering people band-aid solutions. There are many components that lead to overall health and wellness and HopeWell clinicians are trained to address the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, physical and social needs of individuals. We work with you to help you gain a balance in all of these health areas and we provide prompt, effective and personalized approaches. We set clear goals and track progress over time – we are accountable in our work.

HopeWell Psychological wants to give our clients the best of the best – the best treatment approaches and a team of highly skilled clinicians who are experts in their own areas and who are passionate, collaborative, non-judgmental, and able to create a comfortable and supportive environment in which people can address their issues and work on their goals. HopeWell Psychological offers many therapeutic approaches and our clinicians maintain ongoing training and are always up to date with the latest research in their respective areas of psychology.

Although medications can be helpful and necessary for a number of mental health disorders (such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and delusional disorder), oftentimes it is not the best long-term solution for people who are experiencing everyday life difficulties and emotional struggles. Medications often have negative side-effects, can have limited effectiveness, they often take 4 to 6 weeks to reach full effectiveness, they may lead to over-use or abuse, often lead to dependency and withdrawal, and research has shown that people may have a difficult time sticking to the medication regimen. People that use medications can get relief from their symptoms, however, the relief is temporary and occurs for as long as you are on these medications; this is because the underlying issues that led to the development of the symptoms have not changed. In turn, if medication is stopped, the symptoms often return. In most cases, there are often other more appropriate first-option therapeutic treatments, which are described in the Approaches section.

HopeWell understands that counselling can be expensive. We hire Provisional Psychologists and Master’s students that our Clinical Director supervises, so that we are able to offer sliding scale counselling for low income or uninsured families. We also offer group therapy and workshops, as other means of obtaining affordable therapy.

Our Mission for HopeWell Staff

HopeWell Psychological provides an environment of support and collaboration so that our team can have an atmosphere in which you can learn from one another and be able to discuss client cases and ethical dilemmas. We want to build a HopeWell family and lifelong friendships and collegiality so that our team feels a sense of belonging and a knowing that we encourage you to have a good work/life balance. HopeWell Psychological organizes fun team get-togethers several times per year and we also ensure that our staff have access to trainings every 3 months. We ask our staff for feedback and we work hard at implementing this feedback in order to ensure that we continue improving our services and processes.

Our Mission for our Professional and Corporate Contacts

HopeWell Psychological makes it our mission to connect with various other Professionals and our Corporate clients. We want to give you accurate information, address your questions about psychology, and provide you with prompt service. We know that your staff and/or clients’ emotional and mental health interacts with your work/business. Our job is to help individuals and Businesses achieve wellness and increased productivity. We are always open to building new relationships with Professionals and Businesses and are happy to provide you with various services, depending on your needs. If you would like to contact us about your needs, you can do so at services@myhopewell.com.

Our Mission for Communities

HopeWell believes in giving back to our communities by offering accurate and helpful information to various groups, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Edmonton, family centres, and birthing centres. We give back to the community by offering free educational webinars and seminars in order to advocate for mental health and wellness and to teach people and groups about the role of psychology. We also provide free questionnaires on our website to help individuals evaluate their mental health functioning and have resources available to help people cope with stress. Lastly, we engage in volunteer work within our communities. If you are a community group that would like us to present on a specific topic, we can be contacted at presentations@myhopewell.com.

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