Pre-marital Counselling – St. Albert and Leduc

Oftentimes, in the early stages of a relationship, people report a lot of positive, euphoric feelings. Biologically, these are a lot of “happy chemicals/hormones” in your body that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling when you think about your partner. This is an ideal time to become more conscious and intentional in the ways you interact and work together. Counselling can give you insights into where your particular relationship dynamics may at some point lead you in the wrong direction, preventing you from having a fulfilling and satisfying connection together.

Our way of being in a relationship often impacts our relationship dynamics. We learned from our families of origin about how to connect, and these early years lead us to act in similar ways within our present relationships. Additionally, we come into a marriage with different personalities and temperaments, differing values and needs, different life experiences, and different baggage from previous intimate relationships. These factors, unless understood and managed early on in the relationship, may turn into a negative relationship pattern that may hijack your happiness and ability to connect to and feel supported by your partner.

Pre-marital counselling is an investment in your future as a couple. Often times, people do not consider pre-marital therapy, however, it can be beneficial in that it can help partners understand how the past may impact the relationship and how people can manage these influences, how to improve communications, how to enhance and maintain deeper levels of intimacy, how to balance roles and responsibilities, how to live in harmony, and how to try to resolve conflict. Pre-marital counselling can serve to prepare couples for a relationship that can withstand life’s challenges. Through pre-marital counselling, a couple can explore their needs, fears, and differences, and come to a greater understanding of themselves and their relationship.

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