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New Years Resolution, How to Stick to the Plan!

Many people look to the New Year as a time to better themselves in one way or another. They begin to feel hopeful that a new year is about to arrive and they begin to think about goals and aspirations that they hope to achieve.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if change was as easy as they say? Well it can be. When you consider what you would like your New Year’s resolution to be, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Is this what I really want? – if this is truly a goal that you want for yourself, rather than making a goal that is for someone else, you are more likely to stick to it.
  2. Is my goal realistic and attainable for my life situation at this time? – If a goal is too big, it can be discouraging if you are unable to reach the goal. For example, if you plan on losing 100 pounds – that’s a big feat that many may not be able to accomplish on the first go. It may be useful to set goals that are within your reach, say, I plan to lose 25 pounds in 6 months. When you accomplish it, set further goals and work yourself up to the big goal.
  3. Is my New Year’s resolution specific and well defined? – How will you know if you achieved your goal? For example, let’s say that your goal is to lose weight. A well-defined and specific goal in this case may be: I want to lose 3 pounds per week.
  4. Is my goal measurable? – Measured goals are easily trackable and you are able to know exactly when you have accomplished your goals.
  5. Does your goal have a time limit? – Without a time limit, we may fall prey to the procrastination monster. A set time limit helps keep us on track.
  6. Is it hard to stick to your goal? – Keep going, even if you aren’t exactly accomplishing your goals. Remember, it takes several weeks to establish a new pattern of behaviour, but it is well worth it!
  7. Are you rewarding yourself along the way as you stick to your New Year’s Resolution? – Rewards can help keep you on track in working toward your goals.
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