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Welcome to your Anger Test

Have ever wondered whether you have anger issues? Take this quiz to get a clearer picture of what you are experiencing. For each question, answer how often you experience that particular symptom from 1 to 5, where 1 = Never and 5 = Always, in the last 6 months.

1. How often do you find yourself reacting quickly and angrily to the same situations that others may stay calm in?
2. How often do you feel your heart palpitating quickly?
3. How often do you feel pressure or tightness in your chest?
4. How often have you confronted your friends/family about disrespecting you or of going behind your back?
5. How often do you feel a pressure in your head or a headache?
6. How often do you find it difficult to calm you anger down?
7. How often do you have the same arguments with others over the same issue?
8. How often do you feel frustrated with your actions during an argument with your partner?
9. How often do you punch objects or throw things and feel a sense of release?
10. How often do you feel lonely or socially isolated?
11. How often do you have difficulty sleeping (either falling asleep or staying asleep)?
12. How often do you feel guilty or ashamed for having an angry outburst?
13. How often do you replay negative and upsetting thoughts and memories from the past?
14. How often have you gotten in trouble because of your anger (such as with the law or at work/school, etc)?
15. How often do you feel down or sad about your life?
16. How often do you feel hopeless about being able to change your anger outbursts?
17. How often do you think of yourself as “bad” when not being able to control your anger?
18. How often do you use substances to help manage the anger outbursts?
19. How often do you see “RED” and it happens so quickly that you are not able to control it?
20. How often do you feel resentful inside?
21. How often have you tried to control your anger by shutting down emotionally and keeping the anger inside?
22. How often do you show your anger passive-aggressively (i.e. Not showing up to an important event)?
23. How often do you feel overwhelmed by the things that are going on in your life?
24. How often do others tell you that you appear angry when you do not feel so?
25. How often do you feel hopeless and think about ending your life?

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