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Interpersonal Process Approach

The Interpersonal Process Approach (IPP) is a unique approach to individual therapy, which integrates an individual’s relational experiences, their thoughts about themselves, and their familial experiences to bring about an awareness of how these three domains impact one’s present circumstances.

Through our life experiences, we all come to develop coping styles, or ways that we learn how to relate to others. Such coping styles may include: pleasing and accommodating others to avoid disagreement or conflict, exerting control over others through aggressive resistance, or even, physical avoidance, emotional withdrawal and self-sufficiency. In many instances, these coping styles may be adaptive or even necessary. But often times, these coping styles may become maladaptive, or rigidly applied, which can cause relationship problems, stress and anxiety.  

Through an open, trusting and safe relationship with their therapist, the IPP challenges clients to understand their own relational strategies. The therapist works to give clients a corrective experience in which they are responded to in a new and healthier way. Through repeated corrective experiences with their therapist, clients begin to gain confidence to move beyond these outdated coping styles and develop flexibility in their relationships with others. Overtime, clients come to adapt to these new relational experiences and are able to sustain changes in their lives and in their relationships

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