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We are Trauma Experts!

Optimize your life with trauma therapy!

We get to go through a range of experiences as we journey through our lives. Being able to feel joy, happiness, peace, calmness, pride, gratitude, and other life affirming emotions adds to the moments we have alone and that we share with others. It is important that we take the time to enjoy moments so we keep those emotional circuits strong. Sometimes, we experience negative life events and the difficult emotions associated with such events can remain stronger and more present than we would like. These disturbing moments can keep images, sounds, smells, thoughts, emotions, and behaviours stuck and cycling in and out of our consciousness and invading our present, when they should feel in the past and part of our story instead of feeling more current. It’s like having an outdated computer program that is not fitting with the rest of the up-to-date programs in our heads. Sometimes we can resolve and update these old programs on our own, but often they keep coming online even when we don’t want them to. Most clients describe it as feeling very out of control. We can try to distract ourselves from this disturbing material, however, it tends to linger in our subconscious. Even when we are not consciously dealing with the disturbing memory, the accumulation of all of our stuck and disturbing memories may all play a role in how we live our lives, today. They often impact how we trust others, how we trust ourselves, how open we are to be vulnerable with the ones we love, and how we see ourselves (usually with less worth, competency, and confidence). In turn, these events often impact our decision making, but may not always seem to greatly bother us.

No matter how big or small, none of us get through life without having at least some of these disturbing life experiences that come up to bother us from time to time. They create conflict within our minds and our bodies, and this can often lead to foundations for anxiety and depression, and physical issues, such as fatigue, headaches, stomach issues, and other issues throughout our bodies. It is possible to update these old programs that were created and remain stuck. Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a well-researched therapy that has been around since the late 1980’s that actually helps our brains to clear up and update these old programs. The therapists at HopeWell Psychological have been extensively trained in trauma work and have been using EMDR therapy for many years. We all go through a variety of life experiences, and every one of us can benefit from getting the trauma memories resolved and healed. Every therapist working at HopeWell Psychological in West Edmonton specialize in this treatment modality and are trauma experts. We understand how scary it is to seek counselling help and thus we work to resource you and process bits of trauma at a time. You don’t have to live with trauma (disturbing life experiences) any longer! Let us help you heal and live an optimal life.

If you would like to learn more about this and how Cindy Mason and Lana Bryanton can help, please give us a call at 780-298-9401 or email us at reception@myhopewell.com. HopeWell Psychological therapists are passionate about helping people and would love to share more information with you! We provide trauma counselling in-person in Edmonton or work with clients using trauma counselling in an online format!!

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